Freeze Dried Pacific Whiting Fillets


The Fresh Is Best® Pet Treat Difference

  • Our raw, freeze dried whiting fillet treats are considered high-value by trainers, groomers, and pampering owners in easy-to-feed, convenient pieces for your dog or cat
  • Each batch of raw cat and dog treats are slowly freeze-dried to lock in all the healthy nutrients of our pacific whiting
  • Our freeze dried pacific whiting fillets are 100% natural – no preservatives, no fillers, and low-carb – so it’s a nutritionally-dense, healthy treat for your dog or cat
  • We vacuum seal with high oxygen barrier bags so Fresh Is Best freeze dried pet treats has the ultimate freshness, and once opened, can be used up to two (2) weeks unrefrigerated
  • Our whiting is human-quality and wild seafood harvested without antibiotics or hormones

Fresh Is Best® offers a variety of natural, raw freeze dried dog foods, cat foods, and meal toppers that are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin using only American grown ingredients. Our nutritious foods are great for all breeds, ages & sizes.

Use Caution:

Always feed Fresh Is Best® Pacific Whiting Fillet treats under supervision to minimize potential choking hazard. Feed in a location where multiple pets will not be in competition for food, causing gulping and swallowing without chewing food. We recommend holding one end of the treat while your pet learns to chew on the other end, which can help reduce gulping risk when first introducing this treat to your pet.